The project is being developed by the Associated Laboratory - Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR-Lisboa). This project proposes the development of a methodology for detection and cancer targeting breast using multimodality medical imaging and textual information.

Project Description

MIMBCD-UI Project deals with the use of a recently proposed technique in literature: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). These deep networks will incorporate information from several different modes: magnetic resonance imaging volumes (MRI), ultrasound images, mammographic images (both views CC and MLO) and text.

The proposed algorithm, called for multimodality CNNs (MMCNNs) will have the ability to process multimodal information at an unified and sustained manner. This methodology needs to "learn" what are the masses and calcifications. So that is necessary to collect the ground-truth, or notes of the masses and calcifications provided by medical experts.

For the collection of these notes, the design and development of an interface is necessary allows the user (in this case, the medical specialist) to display various types of image (i.e., ultrasound, MRI and mammography), and that also allows for user interaction, particularly in providing the notes of the masses and calcifications. For these reasons, it is crucial for the development of this project, cooperation with experts providing the above notes.


Our Researchers and Fellows:

Daniel Gonçalves

Associate Professor

Hugo Lencastre

MSc Student

Jacinto Nascimento

Assistant Professor (Coordinator)

Nádia Mourão

MSc Student

Nuno Nunes

Full Professor

Support Researchers

Our Support Researchers, Fellows and Interns:

Alfredo Ferreira

Assistant Professor

Bruno Cardoso

MSc Student

Carlos Santiago

Junior Researcher

Pedro Miraldo

Junior Researcher

Medical Collaboration

Our Doctors, Physicians and Clinicians:

Ana Costa

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

Ana Germano

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

Clara Aleluia

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

Gisela Andrade

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

Liudmila David

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

Pedro Tomás Marques

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

Willian Schmitt

Hospital Fernando Fonseca

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